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SoDanca - Cloud Warm Up Booties


These nylon booties support both indoor and outdoor wear with its water resistant upper and EVA out sole. Need to run in and out of the studio? No problem! Protect your ballet shoes without any hassle. These booties will keep you feeling comfy and cozy.

"Imagine walking on a cloud. Now imagine how nice that would be to feel on your feet after you dance. Those poor blistered, beat up feet deserve to have some love after all you put them through! The Cloud Booties really are heavenly. I love how there is traction on the bottom of the bootie so you won't have to worry about slipping and how the top cinches in if you want it to. The Cloud Booties have been a game changer for my feet recovery after rehearsal every day, treat yourself to them!" 

Sizes: XS(2L-4.5L), S(5L-6.5L), M(7L-8.5L), L(9L-10.5L), XL(11L-13L)