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Level Up - Toe Levelers

Do you have  a toe(s) that are shorter than the others? Maybe these Toe caps will work for you. They come with thickness at the tips and an additional pad you can add inside to increase toe length.
When used properly, levelers favor impact cushioning and feet alignment when you are on pointe. They help to keep your feet healthy, by helping to prevent calluses, abrasions and possible deformation.
Begin by placing a leveler on the smaller toe, next to your longest. If necessary, insert the extender to extend the length of the leveler. Then put on the shoe and roll up on pointes. If the pressure on the larger toe is still high, place a leveler on the next smaller toe and so on. Repeat the tests until you feel comfortable.
The elastic nature of the levelers allows it to adapt to all toe sizes. If necessary, use scissors to reduce the length. Make a single cut across. 
After each use, sprinkle with baby powder to maintain the elasticity and sort touch.

Material: Silicone
Size X-Small to X-Large
sold in packs of 2