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Bunheads Instant Jet Glue


Maximize life of pointe shoes by applying thin layer of fast drying Jet™ Glue to inside of toe box and/or shank of shoe.
Sets fast – usually in 10-20 seconds
1 oz. bottle

Where to use: In a well ventilated area. Then on the shank and the box, or wherever the shoe breaks down or gets soft. Once the glue is applied, the shoe will be rock hard and you will not be able to manipulate or reshape the shoe. The glue dries very quickly. Be sure to have the application area smooth and the shoe in its desired form, before applying the glue. 

How much to use: Use sparingly, one bottle can typically do 3-5 pairs of shoes. Better to under glue and reapply, than use too much. Do not squeeze the bottle hard, so as to avoid getting on fingers and other areas of the shoe. It is normal for the glue to get warm as it touches the shoe surface and may appear to smoke a little.  Do not touch until glue is dry. It will bond skin instantly. If you stick your fingers together, soak them in warm soapy water and gradually separate. Do not pull apart. Jet Desolv and Acetone is a solvent.

Storage: Make sure to snap the lid in place after opening. Store in an upright position, in a cool place away from children and pets, not in you dance bag. 

Instant Jet Glue has been used by professional Ballerinas for over 20 years. It must be used properly in order to not cause damage to Property or Physical injury.

Keep away from eyes and face. Protective eyewear is strongly recommended. If contact does occur, flush area and seek immediate medical attention